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Training Program

Explore a plethora of dedicated program of 2 months designed in crux and fundamental domains like computer science, electronics, civil, mechanical and more. Get nurturing support and industrial exposure.

Cohort Program

Strengthen the basics of programming with a set of specialized rapid and intense course of study in the most fundamental programming lingo.

Advance Program

Specially designed program of 5 months including intense training from scratch in the specified domain with practical experience through real-time projects and additional career growth support from our dedicated industrial mentors.

Placement Assurance Program

Programs of 6 months structured and designed by our dedicated team of learning and development professionals for beginners stepping into corporate life. Undergo reinforced training, industry simulated practical work, career growth and support assistance followed by multiple real placement opportunities and real-time interviews of the learners with established firms/companies.

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Our Top Programs

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Data Science


Learn data science with python and implement various algorithms in machine learning and natural language processing concepts to understand and work on everything including big data, data visualization, forecasting and predictive modeling

Machine Learning


Make your machine learn to perform human tasks more accurately & efficiently than humans by deriving predictions, forecasts, decisions and inferences based on fed data sets. Learn machine learning in python evolving through combined concepts

Digital Marketing


Learn various digital marketing strategies, internet marketing, impact of social media, SEO, e-commerce. Get introduced with data analytics, marketing tools & sales management strategies using digital marketing.



Learn how to handle personal finance and how corporate finance management works. Understand the basics – creation of money, credit, banking, assets, investments and liabilities that make up financial systems.

Web Development


Create dynamic web pages using a combination of HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, apply essential programming language concepts when creating HTML forms, select an appropriate web hosting service, and publish your webpages for the world to see.



Master in writing codes to develop web and app for various industries like ecommerce, Healthcare and education domains. Learn Python for Finance, Geo analysis, Data Science, web scraping, Machine Learning, AI, Deep learning from the Scratch to Advance level.

Reviews and Alumni Word

Get to know us from our #1 peers.

Karthik Sharan B Web Development

It was a great experience from my side. I learnt something new and in easy ways so thanks to my mentor and SkillVertex team.

B. Sravya Internet of Things (IoT) & Robotics

I have learnt a lot from the given source and by what was presented in the session. Its a great experience to join to this intern and every given study material was made understandable in a very simple manner. My mentor explained me well.

Arnab Malakar Web Development

I feel very comfortable learning this course as the mentors at SkillVertex are really good at teaching and are always ready to clear all the doubts at all times.

Debeswar Majumdar Artificial Intelligence

It was a great learning opportunity for me as the mentors were really good in their expertise. It was totally worth learning in here! Definitely recommend to all!

Nischith K Machine Learning with Python

The mentors on SkillVertex know exactly how to teach and they are excellent at what they do! We just don't get to learn our subjects but also enjoy them whilst learning.

Ritik Shukla IoT

Presently IoT based devices have a massive potential in the industrial market but also requires a few set of skills. I got a lot of insight and the opportunity to work on real time live projects that helped me a lot.

Monisha Manikandan Finance

To be frank, I have never seen any corporate company taking so much effort to feed our knowledge system. I thought sessions in SkillVertex were the same as elsewhere but they provide us with live + recording session along with discussion session and that's something we don't get online these days. I hope this company inspire many!

Sanjay Singh App Development

My experience in this place was great since I love to learn more, attending lectures was never a problem. Attending lectures became a very interesting thing for me since the mentors were very interactive and gave individual attention. The assignments were pretty challenging which helped me to grow under the expertise of these industry level mentors.

Animesh Anand AutoCAD

The AutoCAD used in colleges is way outdated than what is required in the present industrial market. With the mentoring program at SkillVertex, I gained software fluency and got updated with the latest trends in the market and it helped me in appearing for my career opportunities much better.

Archana Kumari Human Resources

It was a great experience to be the part of this learning platform which helped me in learning new things to which I was unaware before joining this platform. I am grateful.

Raj Nandini App Development

Being an app developer is as difficult as easy it seems. This has been my passion since high school. The training and project experience from App development program has helped me boost my confidence and clear all the knots in my concept. The mentor is really supportive and taught me really well.

Dhirti Agarwal Stock Market

Usually stock market is considered to be a risky investment, but not if we do the right study. In the present days it is important to have a passive source of income and the stock market program helped me build concepts of stock from scratch so I am aware of current market trends and if or if not to invest. The mentor helped to understand it more like a real life task which made it much easier and understandable.

Rishi Khare Machine Learning with Python

It was overall quite decent.. it did help me get to know a lot new things.. hope it helps me further..

Pumeetha K Data Science

Overall good experience! We got an excellent mentor so thanks to my mentor for spending his valuable time and knowledge with us.

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